Long time no post. My hard drive died a few months ago so I was very rghrghjfh towards the idea of making icons for a while. Some of these are completely atrocious and some I'm proud of! ... So nothing new, basically.

Kuroshitsuji (14)
- Ciel, Sebastian, Maylene.
Peacemaker Kurogane (9 + variations)
- Okita Souji, Yamazaki Susumu
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (10 + variations) (doujinshi by peeco? + banyuu)
- Dino, Hibari
Miscellaneous (7)
- Pandora Hearts (Gilbert), Sakura Gari (Souma, Masataka)

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My life this month has been swallowed up by exams and Glee. This post ... reflects that, I think.

Kuroshitsuji (9 + 3 variations)
- Ciel, Maylene, Sebastian, Charles G.
Glee (88)
- Almost everyone who was featured in Episode 5. I valiantly attempted to organise them by character, except for the EW photoshoot. There are some icons from Episode 7 in there as well. Yeah, um, there is nothing resembling an order here.
Miscellaneous (7)
- Princess Princess (Tohru), Ludwig Kakumei (Ludwig and Julius)

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taking requests.

I arbitrarily decided that I'd take requests the second this community reached 280 (! holycrap) watchers and it has happened. So, I'm opening icon requests!

Feel free to give me up to 2 images per person. Preferably high quality because otherwise I squirm and am generally pathetic. All icons will be shareable. I won't icon fanart if you don't know who drew it. Reservations are cool beans. ♥

[EDIT] Closed while I catch up! Aaaaaah.
[EDIT] Done at last! I'll take another 10 5 2 if people are so inclined.